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photo-4Interstate Recovery & Towing provides Farmington, NM towing services that extend to the entire Four Corners region to get you back on the road quickly, getting you home when you’re stranded, helping you get rid of unwanted cars, and improving the performance of your vehicle.

Towing your vehicle is always one of the most important aspects of your career as a heavy truck owner. This is because there are many situations that might require having your semi truck towed. It’s common for a semi truck owner to request the services of a towing company when they need to move their truck to a safer location. Unfortunately, trying to find the ideal towing company in your current area may be a difficult task.

Get A Quicker Response Rate

Many vehicles, including semi trucks, may find themselves stuck in a difficult location because of an accident or weather conditions. Slippery mud, heavy snow, as well as gaping holes might be the reason your truck is immobilized, but a heavy duty tow truck is able to help. Use a reliable towing company with a fast response rate to ensure the tow will be done quickly and the problem is resolved immediately.

Our Towing Services:

  • Accident Recovery

  • Whether it’s a fender bender that requires a small vehicle repair, a significant repair that needs to be done, or even a totaled vehicle, our team will recover your vehicle from the scene of an accident and get you and your vehicle safely off the road. We will follow up with you the following business day and take the next steps from there to ensure that you’re back on the road. (read more)

  • Semi Towing

  • If you’re looking for semi towing in Farmington, NM, our heavy duty towing will work with out-of-service large vehicles including semi trucks, construction equipment, and other commercial vehicles to get them safely off the road and prepare them for repairs. There is no vehicle we can’t tow because we have every type of towing equipment available in the industry. (read more)

  • D-Class Wrecks

  • Interstate Recovery & Towing also removes D-class wrecks or break downs, unwanted or unusable D-class cars, which includes any non-commercial vehicles. (read more)

  • Emergency Services

  • We offer emergency services at any time of day. If get stranded on the road in the middle of the night or something drastic happens to your vehicle and you need our assistance immediately, we can take care of your car or other vehicle. Our experience means that we are prepared for any situation. (read more)

  • Towing

  • Interstate Recovery & Towing provides standard towing services for vehicles of any make, model, and size. We can tow on a flat-bed or behind the trailer, along with many other methods and we choose the best type for the condition and weight of your vehicle. (read more)

  • Tri-Axle Wrecker

  • Our tri-axle wrecker works to compact cars from three sides at once for an efficient wrecking service that’s done right. We recycle all metal that is salvageable while removing any useful parts before wrecking so they can provide other cars with the parts they need. (read more)

  • Landoll Trailer

  • Our shop’s landoll trailer can handle multiple vehicles at one time. It can accommodate anything from a compact car to a large truck, and beyond! Our landoll trailer features all of the latest industry technology, and is professionally maintained for optimal operation. (read more)

  • Roadside Assistance

  • We offer all types of roadside assistance in your time of need. Whether you have a flat tire, your car won’t start, you run out of gas, or something else goes wrong that causes you to stop on the side of the road, just call our team and we will bring the supplies you need to get your car running again or to tow it to our auto repair shop. If you need it, we’ll even offer a ride to your destination after any towing service. (read more)


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