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photo-4Interstate Recovery & Towing provides Farmington, NM towing services that extend to the entire Four Corners region to get you back on the road quickly, getting you home when you’re stranded, helping you get rid of unwanted cars, and improving the performance of your vehicle.

Accident Recovery

Whether it’s a fender bender that requires a small repair, a significant repair that can be done, or a totaled vehicle, our team will… (read more)

Heavy Duty Towing

Heavy Duty Towing works with out-of-service large vehicles such as semi trucks, construction equipment, and other commercial vehicles… (read more)

D-Class Wrecks

Interstate Recovery & Towing also removes D-class wrecks, or breaks down unwanted or unusable D-class cars, which are… (read more)

Emergency Services

We offer emergency services at any time of day. If get stranded on the road in the middle of the night or something drastic happens to your… (read more)


Interstate Recovery & Towing provides standard towing services for vehicles of any make, model, and size. We can tow on a flat-bed or behind the trailer, along with many other methods and we choose the best type for the condition and weight of your vehicle. (read more)

Tri-Axle Wrecker

Our tri-axle wrecker works to compact cars from three sides at once, for an efficient wrecking service done right. We recycle all metal that is… (read more)

Land-All Trailer

Our shop’s land-all trailer can handle multiple vehicles at one time, accommodating anything from a compact car to a large truck and beyond. It features… (read more)

Roadside Assistance

We offer all types of roadside assistance. If you have a flat tire, your car won’t start, you run out of gas, or something else goes wrong that causes you to… (read more)


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